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They've all been through it. There is nothing wrong with being gay. You are not any less of a person for being who you are.


Find people who are supportive of your questioning and who won't respond judgmentally, or worse, report you to local authorities, church leaders, or your parents. Talking to friends and family members is something you can worry about later when you're more confident about who you are. Know that being gay, lesbian, bisexual, pansexual, transgender or anything in-between is okay.

No one should make you feel bad about who you are inside. If your friends are your true friends, they will love you no matter what. If your parents love you, they will respect you for who you are, no matter what. Realize that the people attacking you probably have problems of their own. These people are usually the type who take out their anger on other people, perhaps because they are confused themselves. The people who may lash out at you do so because they are unhappy with themselves.

Watch out for anyone who insists that you're a confused heterosexual. Especially if that person doesn't know who you are, or is trying to pressure you to adopt a set of beliefs or a course of action. You may very well be "confused" or "experimenting," but only you can determine what you are. You have the right to determine what you call yourself, if you call yourself anything.

Realize that there are many different paths to discovering your sexuality. Some people know that they're gay from a very early age; others take time to discover their true nature, perhaps even realizing it only in later life. There is no statute of limitation on unwrapping your feelings and tendencies. If you feel a certain way, then you feel a certain way.

Try to be grateful that you found out at all — some people wrestle with it their entire lives, never admitting that they could possibly be gay. Understand that narratives abound about why one develops a particular sexual orientation. This does not necessarily make it true, or even testable. Freudians have argued in the past that homosexuality is the result of "a distant father and overbearing mother" or the result of being stuck in the "anal stage of development. Understand that sexuality is considered by some to be a very complex issue.

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It's important not to let outside pressure exclusively determine your sexual identity. There are many shades of grey when it comes to sexuality; don't let anyone tell you otherwise. There is room for every degree of sexuality: Some lesbians occasionally seek out male partners, and some gay men seek out female partners. There are many degrees of sexual orientation, and if you find you don't fit easily into one category, perhaps you are bisexual.

Don't allow yourself to be labelled until or unless you are ready and willing to be. Regardless of preference to one gender or another, you have the right to be sexually "different". Our society puts a lot of emphasis on heteronormative sex - male dominance, female submission. Don't let this tie down your sexual orientation. There are lots straight men who are more submissive and lots of women who are more dominant sexually. Don't attempt to undermine anyone's realization or fulfillment of their sexuality.

Respect the privacy of individuals you know who may be wary about coming out. Coming to terms with one's sexual orientation is difficult and complicated enough. Don't make it harder on people trying to come to terms with it themselves. Don't look at the finding of your sexuality as a "struggle," because struggle implies a fight against something or yourself. Rather, see it as a journey of discovery, and consider seeking safe spaces where you can discuss your questions openly and meet others who are going through a similar process.

Even if you don't identify as lesbian, gay, or bisexual, you can use this as a starting point to help the gay rights movement or just meet new people. Keep in mind that sexuality is fluid and so are identities. Some people after coming out as gay or lesbian start acting or dressing what is perceived by others as "more gay". This happens because the person may want to fit the label more precisely, and that is not a bad thing, but labeling that behavior as fake or untrue is hurtful to that person.

If your friends start accusing you of "acting more gay than before", ignore them. Be proud of who you are and be free to be whoever you want to be, without anyone telling how you should act or dress or talk or walk! There are people who believe that they are born with their sexual preferences and there are those who don't. But each identity is a constructed one and there is nothing wrong with that.

Feeling attraction to the same sex can make you feel confused about your sexual identity because you might be trying to fit in with the society's expectations to define yourself. You can identify as gay, lesbian, straight, queer, bisexual. But it is also okay if you don't want to label yourself. That is easier said than done but the bottom line is to be true to yourself.

Some people fall only for the persons of the opposite sex, some fall only for the persons of the same sex, some can fall for both.

Don't feel pressure to label yourself especially if you feel that none of the labels really fit you. Be free to explore yourself and love and sex. I don't know my sexual preference, as I've never had feelings for anyone. I'm My best friend says that I show symptoms of being lesbian. How can I know if I'm straight or gay? First of all, being lesbian is not a disease, so there are no "symptoms" involved. If you've never had feelings for anyone, you might be somewhere on the asexual scale, or you might just be a late bloomer. Can you imagine dating someone of either gender?

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Can you imagine having sex with someone? Think it over. Do some research on asexuality. Most importantly, don't let your friend try to tell you who or what you are. Yes No. Not Helpful 0 Helpful You're never too old or too young to know. Your sexuality may change, so keep that in mind.

Not Helpful Helpful How can I say to my family that I'm gay when I'm just too scared to tell them? Thing is, you don't have to tell them. Coming out is not a requirement to be the Ultimate Gay. If you're uncomfortable, or scared, don't do it. Take your time. Not Helpful 76 Helpful If your classmate is touching you inappropriately without your permission or consent, tell a teacher or another faculty member right away.

Not Helpful 12 Helpful What are you supposed to do if a parent keeps telling you that you're not gay, but you for a fact know that you are? Tell your parents politely and gently that only you can know who you are and that if they really love you they would be able to accept it. Tell them that you are just being you. Tell them that it is a gift and that you are proud of it and hope that some day they accept it.

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If they continue to not accept it, ask that they at least refrain from trying to tell you who you are. Go about finding supportive people among your friends. Not Helpful 85 Helpful Can you be mostly attracted to one gender, but have one person that just breaks that? Yes, there is a diagram that shows this called the "Kinsey scale of sexual behavior".

Look this up and you might find that you fit into the category '1' or the catagory '5', depending on your gender and which gender you are attracted to. Not Helpful 66 Helpful I am romantically attracted to females but sexually attracted to men.

Does that make me bi or? You don't necessarily have to have a label, but if you would prefer to identify as bisexual, that works. Or, you can just not have a label. It's best to do what's going to make you most comfortable in the long run. What should I do if my parents are mad at me for being gay and I'm feeling suicidal?

Call the suicide hotline. Your parents don't define your value. You are worth it in your own right. Not Helpful 24 Helpful Probe your friends' responses to LGBT related questions to gauge their reactions, or if you feel you can trust them enough on this issue already, then ask them to follow you to a private place and simply say "I'm gay.