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I am honestly sorry I was this kind of person. I am so happy that I had the chance to change.

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I will never be able to make up for what I once believed. The least I can do is to apologize for having been part of a movement that contributes to intolerance. And I will do everything I can to contribute to the making of a world where everybody has the same rights as I no matter where they come from, what they identify as or who they love.

Best regards, Misha Anouk Get Queerty Daily Subscribe to Queerty for a daily dose of antigay jehovah'switnesses mishaanouk stories and more 46 Comments RainboWarrioR the way i see it you have nothing to apologize for bc you are yourself a victim of child abuse and religious indoctrination. Misha Anouk has come to a place in life where many religious people fear to go: I hope he impacts many around him who doubt religion and scrutinize it. I was raised in Baptist church from infancy. Attended Baptist church school through graduation, then Bible college.

I thought that the feelings I had were a test that I could change, so I got married. On our honeymoon, nothing went right: I was impotent, then she got her period. We were sexually uninformed.

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I was married for six years before I came to a crossroads: Luckily, I was broke, so I sought free counseling and was directed to a doctoral psych student who told me I was okay, that my religious training about homosexuality was wrong. I divorced and came out.

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As a Christian I lied about my life and my identity, because I thought I could become what I pretended to be. As an atheist, I tell the truth about everything and challenge others to do the same.

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I was raised by my Grandmother until I was seven and my birth mother came and got me. Imagine dealing with abuse without any real therapy and your grandmother throwing a bible at you and telling you to read it as some cure. And dealing with being gay and having to hear the passages about homosexuality.

Some of us choose to hold on to that religious nonsense, while others choose to let it go. Religion and bullying were the reasons it took me so long to come out. When being gay is presented to me as something sinful or insulting then it made me want to deny my feelings of guys. I really wish I had the courage to come out at 18 when I was a freshman at Ohio State.

What a waste…. You know, you have a really bad habit of making stupid comments directed at me but not having the balls to tag me in your stupid ass posts. My mistake. Thanks for reading it. The Internet is this dark ass place but it gives you a platform and connects you to people who share the same or similar experiences. I try my hardest to remember that there are good religious people out there, but ideas and beliefs are not above criticism just because good people hold them.

Reading comprehension fail. This piece seems to me a very personal confession of little wider significance. Witnesses think homosexuality is a sin. Well, stop the presses; I think any aware person already knew that. So, neither as an organization or as individuals have they ever contributed money to, circulated petitions, or in any way participated in campaigns against marriage equality, anti-discrimination laws, repealing DADT, etc.

Atheists who discovered atheism through the Internet are the worst. Believe what you want, but do so peacefully! His apology fails flat when he tries to make excuses for his religious fanatic friends.

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  • I so know what you went through. I too was brought up from the age of 5 within this cult. I left this cult at the age of 17 and since then, have not had contact with my family. I am now 52 and have been in a relationship with my man for 32 years. I started to be stigmatised for being gay. Other brothers did not feel comfortable to invite me on holidays that they arranged. Several congregation events were organised, and I was asked to pick up a young brother from a nearby village.

    Every time he would cancel coming. I learned that his father did not want his son and me alone in the car.

    Jehovah's witness dating website

    I may be gay, but that does not make me a pedophile. In fact, I was still a virgin and did not want to engage in sexual activity with any person due to my love of Jehovah. That this father thought I might sexually attack his son hurt deeply. He was not the only one. Soon, I was learning that all young brothers in the congregation had been warned not to be alone with me. I was not after sex, and had no plans to sexually attack these people, but because I was outed as being gay, people became uncomfortable with me.

    I lost any chance that a brother will house share with me or want to go on holidays. It became difficult just to make friends. Some say it is no different than for a sister that has never married, but it is not the same. She still has the hope and possibility to find a marriage mate. A gay Jehovah's Witness never has that hope.

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