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In turn, you shared personal details about your situation, including being married to a woman and having a child. All of this served as a kind of bonding experience; a moment where the both of you could be vulnerable to one another. At some point, you realized the excitement you felt upon seeing him felt different ā€” more than just the typical feeling two friends feel when running into each other.

To complicate matters, he started creeping into your thoughts. Perhaps it happened while masturbating.

Maybe you woke up in the morning with him on your mind, with a stiffness in your boxers that caused confusion. And then, as you mentioned, he crept into your thoughts while making love to your wife. As you tried to push him out of your mind, his imagery only came back stronger.

Does any of this sound familiar? On one end of that spectrum is a guy who is exclusively heterosexual.

I've always been straight

On the other end of the spectrum is man who is exclusively homosexual. In between, you have variations. What I have just described to you is the Kinsey Scale. Developed in by American biologist Alfred Kinsey, the scale was designed to illustrate a range of sexual orientation.

Here is the actual scale, taken directly from the Kinsey Institute. So, what does all this mean for you? While it is hard to know, it sounds like you may fall somewhere between numbers 2 and 1 on the scale. There are online assessments you can take to help make a determination. For example, you can try this website. They most certainly do. UK conducted a fascinating survey where British people placed themselves on the scale.

All of this is to say that things, apparently, may be changing. Give it another decade and I think you will see constructs around sexual orientation completely different from what folks go by in the here and now.

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Is it possible that you simply are physically sexually attracted to this man and that your curiosity about being with him is complicating your feelings? But my hunch is the physical attraction is so strong that it is misinforming your feeling state. My best advice is to not play the game of pretending like none of this is happening.

Doing so could only make your attractions stronger. And that is very much the case here. It is far better to accept this part of yourself and not pass judgment. This means not buying into all of the labels people throw around, which are often inaccurate and harmful. Probably one of the best things you can do is find a counselor in your area to talk to about some of what you shared here. If there is a part of you that is wondering if you should act on your attraction to this other man, think carefully before making a move. Archived from the original on November 25, Retrieved November 22, Archived from the original on November 5, Retrieved January 19, Fashion and Gay icon to make film series".

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Can a Straight Guy Fall in Love with a Gay Man? - Guy Counseling

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Can a Straight Guy Fall in Love with a Gay Man?

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